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Sept 2019 Judges' Expense Sponsors

Breeze Bengals

Diane Hockley

Mt Cheam Ragdolls

SKiNiSiN Cattery Lykoi Cats Alberta


Rexalot Devon Rex

Wild West Cat Fanciers
(2 rings)






Heartland Cat Fanciers Club

a Northwest cat club affililated with TICA (The International Cat Association)
and based near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Our next cat show is not yet scheduled. Watch this space for more info!


Sept 2019 Ring Sponsors

Aureum Feles Cattery

Cat Teasers and More

Diane Hockley

Pleasantdoll Ragdolls

Prairieheart Devon Rex Cattery

SKiNiSiN Cattery Lykoi Cats Alberta

Surreal Savannahs

Taylored4U Cattery

Sept 2019 Rescue Sponsors

Aureum Feles Cattery


Sarah and Greg Glinski
(2 rescues)

Terri Godin - RIP Rocky

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